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Connect the vibrations to your goal. To keep it in your conscious awareness. Compelling you to take action. Until you get the results you want.


As simple as having a thought.

To use focus-repetition with a physical action, such as correcting your posture. You effectively send a steady stream of reminders flooding through your mind to 'correct your posture'. 

Which prompts you to correct your posture, in that moment.

​And it floods your subconscious mind with your intention, so through repetition, good posture eventually just becomes a muscle memory habit, and second nature.


And it works the same with visualising the best version of yourself, eventually, it just becomes you. Because all our self-image really is, is a collection of thoughts we have about ourselves, repetitively.


What you need to do

1. Choose a focus. (examples):

• a physical action (a conscious breath / observe your thoughts)

• a visualisation (imagine the best version of yourself)

• an affirmation (I'm the greatest! / I am enough)

2. Anchor (mentally connect) it to the MindWatch vibration, so whenever you feel the vibration, you think it automatically. 

3. Repetition. Select a time interval from your watch and get prompts as often as necessary to keep you on track until you've achieved your goal.

What you need to do

Intervals (mins): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180 (3hrs), 300 (5hrs). 

Vibration Duration: 4.5 seconds (4 buzzes). 

Button 1 

Shows battery power (0-100%)

Button 2

scrolls through the time intervals, press and hold to turn vibration on, press and hold again to turn off. 


Need inspiration? Examples

Need inspiration?

Check out these examples...

Example: Reduce Stress, Depression or Anxiety

"I'm currently finding something new to be grateful for every hour, sometimes very little things is all It needs and it makes a big difference to my overall energy and how I feel"

Goal: Develop an attitude of gratitude

Action: Find something new to be grateful for. 

Interval (short term goal): Every 20 minutes through the day.

Interval (long term habit): Every 60 minutes for 12 weeks. 

Discover 6 scientifically proven benefits of gratitude in our pinned facebook post.

 "I use the mantra 'I am independent of the good or bad opinions of anyone' in social situations and instantly I become less self-conscious and more talkative. I find people respond to me much more positively"


Goal: To increase confidence and self-esteem

Affirmation: I am independent of the good or bad opinions of anyone

Visualisation: Imagine yourself standing tall, speaking loud and confidently, notice how well people respond to you, see what you would see, and feel what you would feel.

Interval (short term goal): Every 3 minutes, when required.

Interval (long term habit): Every 60 mins for 7 days, increasing reminders when necessary.  

Example: Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem (and for people pleasers)

Example: Stop Procrastination & Take Action!

"To help me get things done around the house, and stop being lazy! I affirm 'I am just the sort of person that gets things done!' and imagine myself on top of all my chores"

Goal: To stop procrastination, get motivated, boost your productivity and become the sort of person that just gets things done!

Affirmation: I’m just the sort of person that gets things done! 

Visualisation: Imagine through your mind’s eye what you want, how to do it, and the positive feelings you’ll get when you’ve done it.

Interval (short term goal): Every 1 minutes, until goal completion

Interval (long term habit): Every 60 mins for 21 days

Got an idea you'd like to share with others?

We'd love to know what you're using it for and what works best for you.

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IP65 splash-proof (not IP67 waterproof). Please remove before getting in the shower.

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