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for success.


Master Your Mind, Master Your Life.

But first.. master your MindWatch, you must, young padawan.


Good news is, it's easy when you know how!

Want to zoom straight to the operating video?

Click Here (speedy).

Step 1.


Remove your MindWatch from the strap to reveal the charging port.

Step 2.


Push the charger into the charging port and the other end into a usb power source / wall plug (the front display will light up). Please note: USB wall plug is not provided. Charging cable only.

Step 3.

When fully charged it will display 100. 

Charges in about 30 minutes.


Step 4.

Remove charger by holding MindWatch with one hand and pulling charger out with other hand.


Step 5.

When you put it back into the strap, make sure the buttons line up with the holes on the strap!

(otherwise buttons will be awkward to press).


Step 6.

Press the interval button to move through the preset time intervals. Press and hold to select the one you want.


Step 7.

MindWatch will then display "on" and vibrate for 4.5 seconds


Step 8.

Press the battery power button to check the charge (image shows 72%).


NOTE: You can only press one button at a time, wait until display light goes out before pressing the other button. 

If you want to now change the time interval, first turn the vibration OFF

Step 9.

To turn vibration OFF, press the interval button once to activate the display, and then press and hold.


MindWatch will display 'OFF' and vibrate 4 times. 


TOP TIP: You can use the vibrating ON / OFF feature to anchor your goal to the vibration and create an automatic response when you feel the buzz.

You're all set!

If you have any questions or problems or to give us feedback, drop us an email at

Demo Video

MindWatch Demo Video Operating Instructions


(1). Sometimes after charging, my mindwatch shows random numbers!

SOLUTION: If this happens, please turn it OFF and then ON again and the problem should go away. 

(2). Sometimes the buttons don't press!

SOLUTION: First check you have the buttons on the correct side of the strap (see step 5). Now push down on the effected button really hard either with your fingernail or something hard like the corner of a table, do it for about 5-10 seconds. This should fix the problem permanently. If it doesn't, you likely have a faulty button. Please contact us at and we will arrange a replacement.

Love your MindWatch so much you want to buy another for friends or family? Be sure to join the MindWatch Movement (owners community) on facebook and look out for exclusive offers for existing MindWatchers! You can join the group Here

IP65 splash-proof (not waterproof). Please remove before getting in the bath / shower or doing the dishes.

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