Get started.

Setting up your MindWatch.

Step 1.

Remove your MindWatch from the strap to reveal the charging port.

Step 2.

Push the charger firmly into the charging port

Step 3.

Charges in 20-40 minutes. When fully charged it will display 100. 

(recommended not to charge overnight).

Step 4.

Remove charger by holding MindWatch with one hand, and pulling charger out firmly with your other hand (it can be a bit tight).

Step 5.

When you put your MindWatch back into the strap, make sure the buttons line up with the button holes on the strap

Step 6.

Press the interval button to move through the preset time intervals. Press and hold to select the one you want.

Step 7.

MindWatch will then display "on" and vibrate for 4.5 seconds

Step 8.

Press the other button to check the battery power (image shows 72%).

Note, you can only press one button at a time. And to choose a new time interval, you need to switch it off first.

Step 9.

To switch it OFF, press the interval button once to activate the screen, and then press and hold to turn OFF.

MindWatch will display 'off' and vibrate for 4.5 seconds. 

You're all done!

If you have any problems or to give us feedback, drop us an email at

Known problems

(1). Sometimes after charging, mindwatch may appear to show the clock time!

If this happens, please turn it OFF and then ON again and the problem should go away. 

(2). Sometimes the buttons don't press!

If you have the watch buttons on the correct side of the strap (see step 5) and the buttons still don't press, you likely have a faulty button. Please contact us at and we will arrange a replacement for you.

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UK £3.70 / EU €4.90
USA $5.79 / CANADA CA$7.59

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