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the blues


Managing your mind with focus-repetition

There human mind is naturally dysfunctional. But there are things you can always do to maintain a healthy psychological wellbeing, regardless of the situation.

Mindfulness & Gratitude are two effective techniques for managing your mind and feelings, and like anything else, when done with repetition the effects are compounded.


Take part in our MindWatch Challenge which mixed them both together into one simple practice. It's all about the wellbeing!


Take a conscious breath and then focus on something you're thankful for

Every 20 minutes

For 10 hours


Join the MindWatchWellbeing Challenge.

Think, mindfulness + gratitude x repetition = The ultimate wellness technique!


Gratitude not only reduces stress and increases optimism, it also changes your brain! 


Research is showing gratitude to be the single most powerful method of increasing happiness. With scientifically-validated benefits that include:

increased happiness and positive mood

more satisfaction with life

less materialistic

less likely to experience burnout

better physical health

better sleep  

less fatigue

lower levels of cellular inflammation

greater resiliency

encourages the development of patience, humility, and wisdom. 

Making it the perfect technique to mix with a mindfulness practice...


Join our growing community on Facebook, and discover more about the benefits of gratitude, share your goal and join in with the latest free challenges. You'll be very welcome, join us here.


"Mindfulness isn't difficult, we just need to remember to do it"

- Sharon Salzberg

Your Mindfulness Reminder.


Mindfulness is a powerful way to get our act together - improve focus, stress resilience, performance, overall wellbeing.

But when we're a bit... all over the place... it can be hard to even remember the things we've promised ourselves we'd do, let alone actually do them!

The MindWatch™ is the perfect solution, your private mindfulness reminder, sending you silent signals -a gentle shake on the wrist- as often as every minute, ensuring your attention is rooted in the here and now.



The intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of your attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment.

1. Observe your thoughts  2. Release any tension in your body  3. Take a conscious breath  4. Expand your attention into the outside world

Meditation Timer.


The MindWatch™ is your ideal meditation partner and similar to hand held devices used in meditation temples in the mountains of Thailand.


Often when people meditate a few times a day they do it to more easily carry that state with them throughout the day. Try connecting your meditative state to the MindWatch vibration. If you attain enlightenment, don't forget to drop us a review!


Be in the NOW every time your MindWatch vibrates

All day, on 1 minute intervals

If successful, increase interval on the next day. Until enlightenment


Join the MindWatch Enlightenment Challenge!


Be the first to attain fully fledged enlightenment with your MindWatch! If you're not too busy. Then share your findings like a guru on facebook!

Enlightenment (fully fledged) defined as: In the now 100% of the time.

The ultimate tool for transformation

Master your mind and convert your knowledge and good intentions into actions and habits. Order your MindWatch here and now and get a 90 day change-your-mind money back guarantee 

IP65 splash-proof (not IP67 waterproof). Please remove before getting in the bath / shower or doing the dishes.

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