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Mindset & Behaviour Coach - Inventor & Founder @ MindWatch

Paul Musgrove

Focus On You 


With our naturally dysfunctional human minds, in our modern society, there’s a thousand things competing for our attention. The global pandemic, the financial crisis, a tsunami of fake or fear based news… 


Trying to grow and develop as an individual in this society is not easy. 

Think About It. 


There's countless distractions, pop-up ads, videos, and news flashes, all claiming importance and vying for your attention, but only really serve to pull you away from your own personal goals, dreams and ambitions.


Until Now! 


Hi, my name's Paul, founder of MindWatch, a tool designed to help you focus on what’s important to you. 


After years of reading books, attending personal growth seminars and listening to self-help teachers share their knowledge, I started to hear the same great advice and pearls of wisdom over and over. 

Which made me think, since I already know all this, why I haven’t I done it already!?


That’s when I realised!

The solution to my problems was not more knowledge. I just needed a way of converting the knowledge I already have into physical actions and habits!


So, How Do I Convert Knowledge Into Actions!?

All those books, all those seminars, all those workshops. They only covered the theoretical aspect. They just give us the information, but they don’t tell us how to convert that knowledge and wisdom into physical actions and habits that stick around after the seminar has ended or the book is back on the shelf.

The first MindWatch was nearly a tattoo on my wrist that read ‘Be Present!’ 
And all the personal development work I'd done on myself had lead me to realise what I really wanted to do with my life...

I wanted to create a personal development product that improves peoples lives, whilst at the same time improving my own.

MindWatch is my passion and I hope to see it blossom into a new type of self-improvement that makes the benefits of mindfulness more accessible and easier to attain, by simply making it easy to remember to do.

I believe everyone has at least one thing that if they did it would drastically improve their life, if you don't know what yours is yet, mindfulness is a good place to start, and finish.


The MindWatch mission is to help people improve themselves and achieve their personal goals with focus-repetition, and I am still driven to produce personal development products that improve peoples lives. 


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