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  • Can I just use an app on my phone or a smartwatch app?
    Yes you can, although it wont work as well. Phone apps aren't as effective because sometimes you don't hear or feel the phone vibrate in your pocket, bag or on the table, or you confuse your prompt with other app notifications and texts, so the automatic connection you have with your prompt and your goal is clouded by the thought of what the notification was for, and it's the same with smartwatches. The MindWatch delivers 4 private vibrations directly onto your wrist where you can feel it, and it has no other distracting functions to cloud that message, it has only one purpose - the one you assign to it. If you have a smartwatch and an app that does similar functions to what the MindWatch does, it could still be effective if you can disconnect it from your phone in a way that only the vibrating timer app works, and then only use the smartwatch for that purpose.
  • Does it come in other colours?
    Currently only available in black, but if you leave your email at the bottom of the page we will let you know when we have more colours available.
  • What advice do you give someone who's just getting started with the MindWatch?
    Be clear on your intention before you start using it. Something simple like mindfulness is a great way to start. Use powerful affirmations and visualisations that stir up emotion or feelings. Experiment. When you take it off, leave it somewhere where you will see it and remember to put it back on, or set a reminder on your phone calender to go off daily after you wake up. And don't forget to take it off before you get in the shower.
  • Can you make the vibration louder?
    MindWatch was created to be quiet enough not to disturb others, but loud enough to distract you when you're engaged in an activity. Although the vibration intensity can not currently be altered, if you regularly miss prompts you can either increase the amount of prompts you get by reducing the time interval, for example from 1hr to 30 minutes, or, turn the MindWatch around on your wrist so that it vibrates on the inside of your wrist, where your pulse is, here it is more sensitive, so more noticeable in louder environments. Practicing being aware and in a state where you notice the vibrations is something you can cultivate by using the mindWatch as a mindfulness reminder. you could also include a mindfulness moment (e.g. a conscious breath) before your chosen focus, as this way the mind will be in a better state to recieve your message. Also if you leave your email at the bottom of the page we will let you know about the planned... SuperMindWatch!! Which will have this feature.


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